Gomarus van Craeyenbosch

Correspondence of Gomarus van Craeyenbosch (1647-1681) from the period 1661-1675. Van Craeyenbosch was a cloth merchant in Leiden. Many of the letters concern shipment of cloth to Pieter (Pedro) and Jacob (Jacques) Stalpaert in Lisbon. The original belongs to the archive of the Jacobshof in Leiden, which was founded by Van Craeyenbosch.

The complete book of bound letters can be downloaded here (48 MB). Below are loose letters found in the book.

scanned by Carlo Beenakker (2018)
letter_1 letter_2a letter_2b letter_2c
letter_2d letter_3 letter_4a letter_4b
letter_5a letter_5b letter_6a letter_6b
letter_7a letter_7b letter_8 letter_9
letter_10 letter_11 letter_12a letter_12b